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PSIM Transition To Converged Security And Information Management (CSIM)

PSIM Transition To Converged Security And Information Management (CSIM)

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In this article, James I. Chong, CEO & Founder of Vidsys, sheds light on true PSIM (Physical Security Information Management). He mentions how Vidsys is continually innovating and accelerating its roadmap for PSIM toward Converged Security and Information Management or CSIM. Citing various analysts’ projection, James states that there may be 25 to 50 billion objects connected to the cloud as part of the IoT market by 2020. Also, he highlights the advantages of Vidsys PSIM software for organizations and public sector.

PSIM Within Physical Security Market

Nearly ten years ago, Vidsys helped define a new market category called PSIM, or Physical Security Information Management. Since about 2010, the physical security market has adopted PSIM as a new and separate category from Video Management Systems (VMS), Access Control, Intrusion Detection and others. Also, there are many companies around the world offering various PSIM products and capabilities as a key differentiator. The security market is inherently crowded and fragmented so creating legitimate value-adds continues to be challenging for vendors and integrators alike.

During the maturation of this category, the true definition of PSIM has become blurred and often misused. Many competitors and technologies that are not truly PSIMs say they can offer the same or similar features and benefits that only true PSIM software platforms can provide.

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