Supporting Transportation + Infrastructure Security

Passenger and freight rail systems, both national and local, are comparatively open environments without the invasive security procedures we see in other critical infrastructure areas such as the aviation segment. However, our rail systems remain attractive potential terrorist targets. Add to this the challenge of aging infrastructure – bridges and tunnels – and the safety and security of our rail system grows more vulnerable each day. Vidsys software is designed to improve overall situational awareness while enhancing interoperability and the ability to share information quickly. Vidsys provides a holistic approach to risk management while it fortifies emergency preparedness and response capabilities for the end user.


Decrease incidents of fare evasion

Track ongoing vandalism or violence fast enough to apprehend suspects

Respond quickly to medical emergencies

Provide advance warning to the conductor if a person is on the tracks

Systematically enforce standard concept of operations for incident response

vidsys in action

The Vidsys software platform has a rules engine and work flow tools that give end users the ability to pre-determine what data should be correlated and what should be filtered out. For example, from a video analytics alert, a command center operator can be instantaneously presented with the exact location of the potential breach and surrounding security assets on a map, along with step-by-step instructions for evaluation and resolution. This includes pushing crucial information, in this case, video camera views through the Vidsys mobile interface, to a responding officer. Once the situation is resolved and closed, a reporting feature is capable of generating detailed reports for after action analysis, or as part of a forensic record.

In another scenario, if a person with criminal intent gains unauthorized access to a restricted area, Vidsys software integrates all the relevant information including video assets, access control systems, mass notification and event management for security responders. Alarms are correlated while live and recorded video feeds from the cameras closest to the alarm are automatically displayed. Vidsys software is designed to assist responders in identifying and resolving the situation quickly and efficiently.


“We chose Vidsys due to its constantly forward-thinking approach to innovation and security. Through the Vidsys platform we are able to extend our ability to monitor the port, our assets, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our security program.”
Colin Hitchcock
Royal Navy Veteran, Harbour Master & Head,
ISPS Security, DP World London Gateway