Helping Government Security Professionals

The facilities that house the departments and agencies of our federal government are attractive targets for both criminals and terrorists. At both home and abroad, assuring the safety and security of these assets and the people who work in them continues to receive greater and greater scrutiny. Implementing Vidsys software can improve overall interoperability, increase situational awareness and enhance security, emergency preparedness and response. Ultimately, Vidsys software is a valuable tool designed to help security professionals in the government space mitigate risks across their security enterprise.


Controlling disparate systems and sensors

Preventing access to unauthorized areas

Achieving real-time visibility to operational malfunctions or malicious threats

Comprehensive and effective monitoring of geographically dispersed assets

vidsys in action

The value of implementing Vidsys software platform is to protect government assets by deploying a common operating picture across multiple and disparate security systems, building management systems and information management systems. Vidsys is a proven, effective tool to mitigate risk and enhance compliance while helping organizations achieve efficiencies and improve performance metrics by collecting, analyzing, verifying and resolving multiple security situations.


The rules engine and work flow tools give management the ability to pre-determine what data should be correlated and what should be filtered out. For example, from a video analytics alert, a command center operator can be instantaneously presented with the exact location of the potential security breach and surrounding assets on a map, along with step-by-step instructions for evaluation and resolution. This includes pushing crucial information, in this case, video camera views through the Vidsys mobile interface, to a responding officer. Once the situation is resolved and closed, a reporting feature is capable of generating detailed reports for after action analysis, or as part of a forensic record.


“Working together with Vidsys to provide military bases and other federal facilities with the power of the Protect Series, we are helping give their operational teams the upper hand with the most reliable, integrated data gathered from public, federal and other information sources. From interoperable mission-critical radios to other handheld technologies and the software powering them, Motorola Solutions is helping give federal security personnel the ability to react quicker, safer and smarter when it matters most.”
Mark McNulty
Vice President, Federal Sales, Motorola Solutions