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Converged Security + Information Management designed to address the challenges of a rapidly changing world

How is your company preparing to face the new normal?

Maintaining operational security during a global pandemic can be challenging. As we begin returning to public spaces, organizations must be ready to completely rethink the way they address everyday security and risk management strategies.

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Vidsys COVID Protect helps organizations manage the on-going organizational challenges associated with the COVID-19 coronavirus. The solution is centered on a 4-step approach to maintaining business continuity and minimizing operational interruptions:

COVID Protect brings together multiple COVID-19 focused CSIM integrations that support your organization’s individual plan for maintaining operational security during the ongoing pandemic.

Vidsys Enterprise uses dedicated COVID Protect integrations to detect and analyze pandemic-related risks across your organization, generating alerts that are tailored to your unique operational environment.

COVID Protect enhances situational awareness, allowing operators to assess, manage and quickly respond to situations in real-time, reducing the risk of virus spread within your organization.

COVID Protect facilitates organizational resilience, business continuity and crisis management plans, helping organizations maintain critical operations and reduce the risk of disruption amid a rapidly shifting business environment.

COVID Protect helps simplify risk management so your business can stay focused on doing what it does best

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CSIM for Crisis Management & Response

When large-scale incidents such as natural disasters, pandemic outbreaks and terrorist threats occur, they often have a widespread and lasting impact on public safety and security. But despite the risks, these threats usually aren’t at the forefront of the conversation when it comes to developing an enterprise security strategy.

Our free 4-page guide, CSIM for Crisis Management and Response has tips and guidance for organizational leaders looking to use security technology tools to facilitate a more effective crisis management response strategy.


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