Vidsys Enterprise 2020 - enterprise security software platform
Situation Management

Situation Management

Vidsys Enterprise's Situation Management module integrates, correlates and presents critical security data in a single, unified operating platform. Its centralized rules and situation management features allow operators to provide consistent, real-time operational support across even the most widely dispersed organizations.

Situation Awareness

Situation Awareness

Vidsys Enterprise's situation awareness module visualizes data feeds from multiple, disparate to help operators maintain global situational awareness over business assets, quickly detect threats and assess operational risk as it unfolds in real-time.

Situation Summary

Situation Summary

When an threat is detected, Vidsys Enterprise automatically assesses the level of risk then presents the exact incident location, visualizes nearby mapped assets and provides step-by-step instructions for evaluation and situation resolution in its Situation Summary command center module.

Situation Reporting

Situation Reporting

Vidsys Enterprise's situation reporting module automates analytics, reporting, and workflows to minimize errors and accelerate business insight. The platform generates dynamic reports for compliance monitoring and investigative support and analysis.

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Vidsys Enterprise is a comprehensive Converged Security and Information Management platform designed to make enterprise security management easier and more effective.

Its capabilities extend beyond those of traditional physical security platforms, working to capture and correlate data from multiple physical, logical and IT security systems. Organizations can leverage Vidsys Enterprise to support a wide range of use cases, including IoT-enabled Smart City development, logistics management, manufacturing, and supply-chain monitoring.

Vidsys Enterprise 2020 expands capabilities for large-scale, widely dispersed users. Updates include advanced features and expandable infrastructure, enhanced data visualization tools, new business intelligence features for real-time and historic reporting, major UI enhancements, and much more.

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Enterprise Business Intelligence

Dashboard of multiple sites and data streams in one user interface – global situational awareness.

Enterprise Data Visualization

Intuitive intelligence delivery. Discover and correlate relevant risks.

Virtual Situation Management

Regional and global situational awareness across a large network of servers.

Health Monitor

Checks status of network-attached devices to guard against failure.

Thin Client

Easy to deploy, upgrade, and manage from a central server with stability and performance both on premise and in the cloud.

Open Architecture

Extensive library of more than 300 connector integrations to different subsystems.

Dynamic Workflow
Standards + Rules

Established library of business rules and dynamic workflow standard operating procedures.

Simple Upgrades

Easily upgrade to the latest version of Vidsys Enterprise 2019.

Centralized Platform

A technology agnostic, single UI/platform that provides simplified situation management.

vidsys enterprise

Vidsys Enterprise Mobile makes it easy to gain enterprise-level situational awareness on-the-go! Access real-time live and recorded video from compatible integrated video management systems directly from your iPhone®, iPad® or compatible Android smartphone or tablet. Get up-to-date information from mission-critical security devices and systems anytime, anywhere.

Vidsys Enterprise Mobile is Available for Download on the Apple App Store® and Google Play Store

Multiple Camera Display Layout Options

Open and arrange camera feeds in 2×2 or full-screen (1×1) display layouts.

Intuitive In-App Controls

Navigate in-app functions using intuitive pan, tilt and zoom gestures and easy-to-use video playback controls.

Centralized User Access

Support for existing Vidsys local user accounts and remotely-managed Active Directory user accounts.

Connect via Wi-Fi, GSM or VPN

Supports 3G, 4G and LTE mobile connections; or access using Wi-Fi or VPN.

Full Integration with Native OS Functions

Save in-app snapshots directly to camera roll or use split-screen multi-tasking with other apps.

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