What is Converged Security + Information Management (CSIM)?

The CSIM software platform collects, filters, correlates, and converts vast amounts of disparate data in real-time into meaningful and actionable information for situation management.

what are
the benefits?

Simply put, we make safety and security easier, more effective, and better coordinated.

Simplifies situation management + improves situational awareness

Workforce Multiplier

Protects + tracks business assets

Reduces operational costs + capital expenditures

Strengthens compliance

Thin Client

Extensive library of hundreds of integrations and counting

Automated Workflows

Improves collaboration + resource sharing

Resolves incidents faster + cuts response time

Facilitates interoperability

Trusted Partner


Implementing CSIM software results in a tangible return on investment that over time pays for itself. Savings realized include staffing efficiencies, reduction of false alarms, improved compliance and adherence to regulatory requirements.

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Employees Safer + More Secure

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Dollars in Market Capital Protected

0 M

Citizens Safer + More Secure

In addition to making people safer and more secure, Vidsys has helped numerous private- and public-sector entities grow and prosper through streamlining operations, expanding interoperability, and managing incidents in real-time.

Vidsys CSIM enabled a Fortune 50 company to maintain its security force head count even though it has doubled the size of its physical campus in the last five years. This company realized a 66% reduction in response time and a 50% reduction in false alarms from access control systems.

Several transportation agencies have cut the time it takes to clear a traffic accident by nearly 50 percent using Vidsys CSIM for situational awareness. Swifter clearing of a major traffic incident reduces the risk of follow-on accidents and injuries. Time, money and staff savings are exponential.

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