Intelligent Global Security Operations Center

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intelligent gsoc

Public and private sector organizations all over the world face an increasing array of challenges:

Escalating and emerging threats

Risks of oversight and false alarms

Demand for faster response

Data overload

Human limitations

The Intelligent GSOC covers the full spectrum of risk management from internal vulnerabilities to external threats

To address these unprecedented challenges, Vidsys and Micro Focus have jointly developed a solution – the Intelligent Global Security Operations Center (GSOC), which combines the latest in big data analytics powered physical security technologies. The Intelligent GSOC enables the following:

  • Real-time processing of data that are diverse in format (e.g. video, image, audio, text, logs, transactions), and in origin (e.g. CCTV, corporate databases, email, sensor, social media, broadcast media)
  • Automated analysis to identify issues or potential threats
  • Streamlined workflow for alerts and responses
  • Open standards connectivity to third-party systems for easy integration
“A wide variety of threats contribute to an increasingly challenging security environment and by accelerating physical security innovations with our Vidsys collaboration, we look forward to empowering organizations with the analytical insights needed to help address present and future challenges.”
David Humphrey
Chief Technology Officer, Video Analytics, Micro Focus



Software collects data from a multitude of disparate security devices and systems.


Intelligent software analyzes and correlates, data, events, and alarms and prioritizes situations.


Software presents relevant information in an easy to read format for an operator to verify.


Provides instructions based on operating procedures and policies for situation management.


Software tracks the information and actions taken for reporting, training, and/or in-depth analysis.


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13 Ways To Build An Effective GSOC

There’s no shortage of information coming into operation centers. Too often, it’s the quality of the data and the inability to correlate it quickly from independent sources that poses the greatest challenges. You need to harness data in real time to make informed decisions that will increase safety, security, and efficiency. Here are 13 ways to build an effective GSOC.