If you are not talking to your customers about the benefits of implementing a CSIM solution, chances are someone else will. The Vidsys team is committed to providing the information and tools needed for a successful project. If you are interested in becoming a Vidsys partner, please contact us using the form below.


Business partners include leading value-added resellers and system integrators that sell, implement and support Vidsys software.  Vidsys provides business, technical, sales and marketing benefits to business partners to help maximize their success.  Our Business Partners also include A&E’s and consultants that often provide expertise and guidance to customers regarding security and overall business operations.  Vidsys empowers these organizations with the information and specifications necessary to educate and inform clients of the value of PSIM.


Technology partners are industry leaders with product solutions that complement Vidsys PSIM software. Vidsys has developed proprietary connectors with many leading security products.  This is one reason Vidsys is a true commercial-off-the-shelf software.  Custom development on a project basis tends to be very limited, saving the client time and money.

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