The increasing connectivity of modern cities, and the growth of data they rely on, have transformed the ways in which we live, work, and interact with one another. By integrating multiple information systems and communication technologies, cities can improve the efficiency of transportation systems, hospitals, law enforcement agencies, critical infrastructure and more. Our CSIM platform brings together hundreds of security systems and devices, combining and correlating multiple data streams to provide holistic, actionable intelligence about city assets and environments, creating a smarter, safer environment for its residents.

"We’re excited to be partnering with Vidsys to drive smart cities forward. This alliance supports our goal to provide unparalleled, high value solutions to our customers.”
Tommy Rivers
Director of Marketing and Alliances, Current, Powered by GE

Smart Cities

At Vidsys, our goal is to make cities smarter and safer and ultimately improve quality of life through efficient and connected city operations. Our software collects and correlates numerous data streams into actionable intelligence that gives city leaders the information they need to protect their citizens and elevate the way they provide services in new and cost-effective ways.

  • Emergency management
  • Proactive incident response
  • Social media for predictive policing
  • GPS and location based assets to improve response time
  • A Smart City is a Safe City

Smart Buildings

IoT is changing the way we construct, use, and manage buildings. Our Converged Security + Information Management platform connects and monitors every aspect of building security and operations. Our system streamlines business processes and brings everything under one roof helping to reduce costs, increase sustainability, and improve safety. Our platform provides real-time intelligence that facilitates a better workplace experience.

  • Analytics
  • Optimized multi-tenant experience
  • Interconnectivity and access
  • Building automation

Smart Mobility + Transportation

Vidsys develops specialized solutions to support critical transportation infrastructure and mobility. Our platform helps to manage complex security environments to minimize impact on transportation and the flow of commerce. Vidsys provides a holistic approach to situation management to support freight rail systems, seaports, airlines, automobiles, and more. Our integrated system helps to improve traffic flow, manage incidents, and reduce delays through intelligent reporting and information management.

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems & ATMS
  • Fare collection
  • Provide advanced warnings to citizens
  • Parking management
“[Our] mission is to promote the Safe & Smart City vision for Abu Dhabi using the latest in technology and innovation. The broad capabilities of Vidsys allow us to rapidly deploy and promote safety throughout the region.”
His Excellency Saeed Al Neyadi
Director General of Abu Dhabi Monitoring and Control Centre,
City of Abu Dhabi, UAE Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix