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Frost & Sullivan Names VidSys a Tier 1 PSIM Software Market Leader

Report Defines Three Levels of PSIM Solutions and Rapid Market Growth

VIENNA, VA  ─ July 9, 2012VidSys, a leading provider of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software, today announced that business research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan has named VidSys a Tier 1 PSIM+ market leader.

In a new report, Global Physical Security Information Management Market A Global Trend Changing the Way Security is Considered, Frost & Sullivan analysts have defined, for the first time, three levels of PSIM software solutions:  PSIM+ (Tier 1); PSIM (Tier 2); and PSIM lite (Tier 3).  By establishing this new, tiered hierarchy, Frost & Sullivan provides clarity around an increasingly vast disparity of capabilities that numerous firms advertise as PSIM.  As a PSIM+ solution, the VidSys software platform ranks among the most sophisticated and comprehensive PSIM offerings with customer installations in both the public and private sectors worldwide.

“In our latest ranking, we identified three tiers of PSIM solutions,” said Krzysztof Rutkowski, Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “VidSys is the company that best defines what it means to be a PSIM+ solution, introducing market-leading capabilities that are driving the industry and transforming how innovative public and private organizations are managing security and safety situations.”

Frost & Sullivan’s report highlights rapid anticipated expansion of the global PSIM market – a 34.6 percent compound annual growth rate, reaching $2.79B by 2021.  It further highlights smart cities and smart infrastructure as two market segment applications that will contribute to this rapid growth.

“Communities, public agencies and private organizations increasingly seek to leverage technology to collaborate in real time to protect assets, improve security and overall business operations.  True PSIM+ platforms are positioned at the forefront, revolutionizing the security landscape by making this collaboration seamless,” said Rutkowski. “VidSys has driven the PSIM vision from the onset and continues to lead the way, pushing the boundaries of what we thought possible, helping to make smart, secure, connected communities a reality to meet and surpass global security needs.”

The VidSys PSIM software provides automated tools needed for safe, effective and timely resolution of situations triggered by basic alarms or multiple simultaneous alarms, events and complex incidents, thus reducing costs and improving efficiencies.  The software includes numerous innovations and powerful off-the-shelf capabilities.  For instance, it can plot alarms onto 3D views of cities or buildings offering users the ability to “fly in” to the precise location of an incident, automatically bringing up area video feeds and other relevant information to resolve quickly alarm situations.  Another example is VidSys’ integration with multiple operational systems – such as CAD, access control, building management systems, elevators, and HVAC technologies.  VidSys’ industry-first mobile PSIM application also advances field collaboration capabilities by providing a user-friendly interface designed specifically for responders, who require real-time information as they manage unfolding situations.

In short, actionable intelligence generated by the VidSys PSIM software enables more effective emergency and security responses, breaking down institutional silos and facilitating immediate sharing of real-time information among security and other operations personnel.

“Being named to the top tier of this year’s Frost & Sullivan PSIM market report is an honor, and an affirmation that the work we are doing to support our customers is being noticed,” said Michael P. Jackson, CEO of VidSys. “VidSys will continue to innovate and partner aggressively with other innovators to deliver world-class information management tools that add a substantial Plus to the PSIM market.”

To purchase the full Frost & Sullivan report, click here.

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