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Vidsys recognizes Abu Dhabi MCC for reaching 100K camera milestone

The Abu Dhabi Monitoring and Control Centre in Abu Dhabi, UAE recently completed integrating more than 100,000 cameras as part of their innovative AlHosn program. This accomplishment marks an important milestone in the ongoing partnership between the two organizations and makes the Abu Dhabi MCC  Vidsys’ largest smart city project to date.

Abu Dhabi is widely regarded as one of the world’s safest cities. Since being selected in 2016 to provide an innovative solution for the AlHosn program, Vidsys’ Converged Security and Information Management (CSIM) technology has played a key role in continuing to keep Abu Dhabi safe and secure.


Vidsys VP, Phil Stockham, presents Abu Dhabi MCC 100K award to HE, Director General, Saeed Saif AlNeyadiThe Monitoring and Control Centre, or MCC, is a security operations center (or “SOC”), that was designed by the city’s government to regulate monitoring and control devices used in both public and private facilities. The MCC relies on Vidsys’ open architecture CSIM solution to monitor evolving security situations in real-time. It collects and analyzes an array of security data from multiple, diverse sources, including video surveillance, access control systems and other physical security and logical security sensors. It works to extract actionable intelligence, that is used to facilitate situation management and resolution across the emirate.

Since its conception, the AlHosn program and MCC have scaled exponentially, both in terms of the number of sites and user groups it supports. Today, a wide range of government entities across Abu Dhabi utilize the platform to improve their day-to-day operations. Vidsys’ CSIM platform has continuously supported this evolution, helping the MCC grow to cover more than 100,000 cameras in less than 5 years.

Data is currently collected from hundreds of different locations across Abu Dhabi. The MCC monitors heavily trafficked pedestrian areas, busy vehicle intersections, airports and public transportation systems, hotels, malls, mosques and large entertainment venues. The MCC allows the city’s government to respond quickly and proactively to threats in these complex environments. This allows them to manage and prevent crime while maintaining a high level of public safety in the emirate.

Vidsys and Abu Dhabi MCC commemorated the event with a ceremony in Abu Dhabi where Vidsys Vice President of Operations EMEA, Phil Stockham, presented His Excellency, Director General, Saeed Saif AlNeyadi (both pictured above) with an award to recognize the significance of the achievement.






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