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ASIS 2017: Global Responses to Global Threats


During the ASIS conference this year, one of the panels will be focused on the importance of information sharing and collaboration among policing and intelligence community partners (federal, state, and local) to successfully combat terrorism and protect communities worldwide.

At Vidsys, we provide converged security for global organizations and major cities across the globe, and understand the importance of collaboration in protecting businesses and communities. While this panel specifically focuses on federal and state and local governments, we see an increasing need for enterprises to address global threats as well.

As companies expand regionally, nationally and globally, being prepared for global threats is crucial. See below for ways to heighten your organization’s security and create a strong base for organizational safety, efficiency and success.

Build a customized GSOC

A Global Security Operations System (GSOC) is designed to empower security personnel with a platform delivering ongoing prevention, detection, protection and mitigation of threats to a company’s virtual and physical assets. This system can uncover weak areas, respond to potential threats and address any incidents, virtually or physically, occurring within your organization. While many companies believe an advanced operations center is too expensive to actualize, organizations can lower risk, increase operational efficiency and situational awareness without a major cost increase through proper planning and technology.

Manage data

Converged Security and Information Management (CSIM) provides a central operations dashboard where decision makers can see their organization’s data in an intelligent way. This technology platform assembles a common operating picture of all organizational asset data. Through tailored rules and regulations, organizations can set boundaries for what should be flagged as a risk. Warning signs for risk often begin with unusual activity virtually on an IT system. By collecting data from disparate sensors, devices, systems and subsystems, software tools are able to identify patterns that are unusual on any monitoring or sensor device

Integrate systems

Security sensors and video footage can help keep an organization physically secure, but businesses can leverage powerful technology to integrate data and receive automated, intelligent information that cuts out the risk of human error and facilitates the security process, saving an organization time and money and increasing employee safety. CSIM gathers video data and other information from access control systems, sensors, alarms, ID management, GIS and other data sources to create situational awareness and provide appropriate actions.

Whether your organization is already a global entity or you are currently expanding, consider your company’s approach to your operations, data management platform and various system structures to ensure that your organization is ready for if – or when – a global threat might strike.

If you will be at ASIS this year, sign up to attend our Intelligent Global Security Operations Center demo with Micro Focus. Learn more and sign up here.


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