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Bridging the Gap Between Physical and Cyber Security: A Key Theme at ISC West 2017


This year at ISC West, the Connected Security Expo (CSE) has been moved to the ISC West Show Floor to become an integral part of the event.

The description of the event states, “As the digital and physical worlds collide, it is increasingly important for industry professionals to protect their organizations and clients from both physical and cyber threats.”

CSE will focus on building a holistic security strategy for the connected enterprise, including looking at how physical and information security can be used together to mitigate new and emerging cyber threats in a hyper-connected world.

As a security provider, Vidsys is closely aligned with, and clearly understands the need for a comprehensive security strategy that involves all aspects of a business’ intelligence and assets.

Cyber security is a concern for all businesses, organizations and governments worldwide. From a university to a small business, a hotel chain to a Fortune 500 company, everyone is at risk when it comes to IT security threats. The convergence of IP-enabled devices that perform functions such as controlling access to buildings, light and HVAC systems, and other connected systems that are all controlled through a business IT network has created a new security threat that private and public organizations alike are struggling to address. The ripple effect of such an attack on a business network can disrupt not just its IT systems but also its physical operations.

In order to mitigate this risk, businesses are recognizing the importance of creating a single, unified platform that can roll out a rapid-response plan across multiple parts of an organization. An issue many businesses run into are silos, as many businesses have separate groups handle physical security and IT security threats. These separate groups do not communicate on a regular basis and do not have a level of familiarity with the other’s processes, so they are unable to present a unified front against IT threats.

At Vidsys, we’ve seen this shift develop over time, and have identified the key to a comprehensive security strategy. Rather than having IT security and physical security operate as two separate silos, businesses must be proactive in merging the sources of data being collected about their locations and assets, and combine that data to give them the most accurate view of their operations. Through a converged security approach this can be made possible.

The answer, therefore is to create a centralized unit – a global security operations center or “GSOC,” for short. A GSOC functions by creating a cohesive platform that collects all organizational data and presents actionable information from which all actions can take place. This facilitates the communication and coordination between the IT and physical security teams by allowing them to perform their job functions separately but operate cohesively.

Cyber attacks are a concerning threat for citizens and organizations, and as a security company we are committed to providing businesses with the best tools to identify these threats. During  ISC West many discussions will focus on handling both cyber and physical threats in an organizational environment.

To learn more about this market shift, read our blog post “The PSIM Market Evolution to CSIM”.

We will be presenting an Intelligent Global Security Operations Center demonstration with HPE during the conference. Sign up to join us for a briefing or demo of our Intelligent GSOC during ISC West here.


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