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Integrations & Connectors Update: Latest Versions of Genetec, Lenel, Honeywell, Software House and More…

integration & connectors blog series

The Vidsys team is excited to announce our latest entry in our blog series – Integrations & Connectors Update – where we highlight new connectors and integrations that are available for our technology platform. Our Converged Security and Information Management (CSIM) software has the ability to integrate any type of software or physical hardware technology with our system.

The following Physical Access Control System Connectors have been added to our library:

  1. Genetec Security Center v5.6 Synergis IP
  2. Lenel OnGuard 7.3
  3. Software House C*CURE 9000 v2.5
  4. Honeywell Pro-Watch 4.2

Using Vidsys’ CSIM Platform, security organizations can integrate and analyze information from traditional physical security devices and systems, and resolve situations in real time.

Vidsys ACS connectors integrate 3rd party Access Control Systems with the Vidsys Converged Security & Information Management (CSIM) software. This integration allows events detected by the integrated access control managed sensors and card readers to be relayed to and annunciated by the Vidsys CSIM platform.   It also allows CSIM operators to control discovered devices that are connected to the access control system.  The connector automatically maps the access control system event types to standard CSIM Situation types and translates Vidsys CSIM software command syntax to that of the third-party access control system.

CSIM operators can also easily display the access control history and location of any badged holder configured within the access control system. The Vidsys operator needs no specific card holder information and simply searches using part of the card holder’s name. An up to date list of results is displayed directly within the Vidsys user interface. Alarm logs for devices can also be accessed.

Vidsys offers a growing list of connectors that enable integration between the Vidsys CSIM platform and other industry-leading converged and physical security products.

If you would like to find out more about this integration or other integrations, contact us for more information or a demo.


This entry is part of a blog series on Integrations and Connectors. You can revisit previous entries here


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