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The PSIM Market Evolution to CSIM


In today’s technological landscape, operation centers exist in many different capacities—in large organizations, transportation agencies, government buildings, hospitals and beyond. There is a huge amount of data that is being generated through various sensors including cameras, doors, alarms, social media and biometrics. As a result, data overload has become a prevalent issue. Vidsys is dedicated to solving this issue by providing essential security tools and software management solutions to organizations worldwide. There is such an abundance of data coming into operation centers that it is nearly impossible to manage all of it in real-time. Our software allows for operators to make sense of data by correlating all of the disparate information and determining the appropriate actions.

Vidsys can help organizations manage security through both Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) and Converged Security Information Management (CSIM). PSIM was coined by Vidsys a decade ago when it was the central component of the Vidsys’ security platform. In recent years, however, we have begun to identify PSIM as more of a stepping stone to where we are now with Converged Security & Information Management (CSIM).

The current reality of security within operation centers is that analysts are not only analyzing data coming in from physical sensors, but now must consider cybersecurity, IT security and the mitigation of insider threats as well. What Vidsys offers is not just physical security, but also management of the non-physical security considerations in a “converged” software platform. While PSIM is still being used today for physical security needs, we have now incorporated the IT portion with CSIM to create a converged security solution for more advanced operations like smart cities and smart buildings.

Last year, we launched our latest software, Vidsys Enterprise 2017, that can greatly improve the security functions of a given organization. An important feature of Vidsys Enterprise is Virtualized Situation Management (VSM), which allows for multiple instances of Vidsys running in different regions around the globe. This permits users to collaborate with each other based on real time situations and real time data and make decisions accordingly. This VSM software will also allow for proper management of facilities that are in multiple different time zones in one unified graphical user interface. Vidsys Enterprise allows for users to be in multiple places at once—an incredibly valuable asset to have in the current security landscape.

Additionally, Vidsys Enterprise has a feature called EBI, or Enterprise Business Intelligence. EBI will give users real-time, dynamic metrics of all the data that is being gathered in their environment. It will also provide users with visualization of this data in any language in real-time. This will serve as a very valuable tool for executives, directors and supervisors trying to understand what is happening within their organization around the world and across their industry.

Finally, Vidsys developed a featured called Enterprise Data Visualization (EDV) that allows users to visualize all internal and external sensor data. This could be coming from weather, geological data, supply chain management, or calls from the media or public that identify a threat. EDV software has the ability, using APIs and SDKs, to tie together social media analytical engines that will be able to correlate information based on time, location, duration, frequency and type. When there is an event—say, a gunshot that’s near an office building—the Vidsys software will be able to notify those employees, help with the evacuation and notify anyone else that has the ability to respond to the situation. The Vidsys EDV feature will be another game changer in helping to provide real time analysis of both internal and external assets and threats.  Vidsys software essentially functions as a “workforce multiplier” because it allows smaller teams to make larger impacts on data management projects. As a result, both time and expenses are diminished.

In the current digital climate where time, cost and security are so important, the need for a converged security solution such as CSIM will becoming increasingly essential for protecting company assets, streamlining organizational efficiency, and utilizing important data to improve overall success.


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