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Three Security Trends Poised to Take off in 2018


The past year has been a difficult one for those handling security in global enterprises – in fact, there was at least one major hack, breach or security flaw each month of 2017. With the surge of cyber attacks, ongoing weather catastrophes, global tensions, mass violence and terrorism, security plans have been put to the test to ensure business continuity and employee safety. As organizations adapt to handle a wider assortment of challenges and risks in 2018, we are sharing three trends that will impact organization security plans this year.

Move beyond “real-time monitoring” – Almost all companies spend time monitoring for risks in real-time for physical and cyber security. It is time for companies to invest resources in an effort to assess this gathered information and switch from a reactive approach to a proactive approach to better understand and manage operational risk.

Simplified security solutions – With each security breach, companies have a chance to learn valuable information and create greater awareness about the importance of comprehensive security programs. Learning from events like the Equifax breach that could have been prevented – if Equifax had fixed the security flaws that they previously acknowledged – organizations must learn to explain technical security concepts more simply so that employees and the general public will be more likely to follow safe security practices.

Companies will Lean on Smart Security Technology – A lack of skilled security specialists will prove the increasing need for smart technology that can help pull together data from various disparate security platforms and facilitate data analysis. As organizations find that security roles are more difficult to fill, technology will play a crucial role in filling the gaps. A centralized dashboard can allow a single security decision maker to increase their effectiveness through automating certain tasks and data analysis through rules and regulations set by each individual business.

Moving forward into 2018, organizations should be fully prepared for any security issues that arise. Although discussing security plans can be a difficult task, conversations must take place to transition into a proactive year, rather than another reactive one.

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