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IFSEC Global: “The Growing Significance of Converged Security”

In anticipation of the return of the popular Converged Security Centre to IFSEC International in 2020, industry experts, James Willison MA Founder, Unified Security, and Sarb Sembhi CISM, CTO & CISO, Virtually Informed, offer a closer look into why converged security will continue to be a major theme in 2020.

The following is an excerpt from the article:

“IFSEC International welcomes back the Converged Security Centre in 2020. What is the reason? Well, there continues to be an increasing concern amongst end users of CCTV and access control systems that their physical security devices and systems could cause major problems for the IT network, and they need reassurances that this will not be the case.

The last thing anyone wants is an email from HR highlighting an investigation that identified a GDPR breach had occurred and it was your systems that were used to install malware on the IT network, which in turn led to an invoice being paid by the Finance Director to a cyber fraudster. Whilst such incidents may be rare, it is crucial to be able to identify unusual network behaviour on your CCTV or access control systems.”


To read the full article, visit the IFSEC Global website.


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