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Vidsys In Computer Weekly: Abu Dhabi uses surveillance tech to protect Grand Prix

Vidsys was featured in Computer Weekly. Read an excerpt from the article below.

Abu Dhabi uses surveillance tech to protect Grand Prix

In March 2016, the Abu Dhabi government decided to deploy real-time situation management software from US firm Vidsys for security operations during the Grand Prix. Vidsys software collects, analyses, verifies, resolves and tracks information from multiple disparate subsystems using open architecture standards that enable numerous organisations to manage situations in real time.

Philip Stockham, vice-president of operations at Vidsys EMEA, said that although Abu Dhabi is regarded as one of the safest cities on the planet, “surveillance is a key tenet of the state’s security approach”.

Vidsys supports the UAE’s security across key locations, such malls and hotels, as well as other government security authorities. Stockham said the security programme was continuing as the partners worked towards the goal of improving overall public safety.

Stockham said there is heightened security for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix because it is the final race of the Formula One championship and the largest public gathering on the UAE calendar. “The race draws a large crowd that creates logistical challenges for public safety and transportation initiatives,” he said. “Special events require the mobilisation of multiple departments and organisations within a city, as well as a system that can manage and oversee all aspects of the operations.”

Stockham said Vidsys’s software works directly with special response groups and connects command-and-control centre communications and video footage, enabling authorised users at any location to view and manage situations in real time.

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