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Fox8 News: Cleveland will have new way to keep you safe during RNC: I-Team

This is an excerpt of an article and video on Fox 8 News Cleveland, that shares Vidsys’ involvement in Cleveland’s efforts to secure the city during the upcoming Republican National Convention in Cleveland this July, 2016.

CLEVELAND, Ohio– The FOX 8 I-Team has learned final testing is underway on new software to allow police to watch potentially hundreds of cameras from different agencies in one room during the Republican National Convention.

If all goes as planned, police will be able to see city cameras on streets, plus others outside the casino, more at the airport, those at city water and power plants, and others in the Mid-Town area.

Last month, Cleveland City Hall confirmed to the I-Team, a company called Vidsys had offered to install the new software for free in time for the Convention.

Local law enforcement has pointed out, after the Boston Marathon bombing years ago, investigators spent valuable time searching for video from different camera systems. The new software here would help police see a lot more and more quickly…

Read the full article and check out the video on Fox8 News Cleveland online here.


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