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Vidsys Featured in Brilliance Security Magazine

Below is an excerpt from a recent feature profile of Vidsys in Security Brilliance Magazine.

Convergence can be thought of as the integration of knowledge, tools, and activities for a common goal. There is a tendency that, as technology changes, new systems evolve with enhanced capabilities allowing them to integrate data from more and more sources. This tendency creates an opportunity for the emergence of new security platforms that help us to be more effective and efficient. The term convergence is used in several different ways, even within the security industry. A physical security practitioner may use this term to describe a Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) platform that allows the monitoring and control of surveillance, access control, and alarm inputs. An information technology specialist would be inclined to use the same term when discussing network management combined with security information and event management (SIEM) data.

This tendency for systems to evolve has brought us to the advent of the Converged Security & Information Management (CSIM) software platform. True CSIM is a category of software used for enhancing and automating operations center management. CSIM software rides on top of – and allows operators seamlessly to manage – a multiplicity of existing or new systems essential to asset owners of virtually all types.

The term CSIM was coined by a Vienna, Virginia company, Vidsys, Inc. We met with CEO & Founder at Vidsys, James Chong at the GSX Conference in Las Vegas to learn more about the latest in security convergence. He told us, “We’ve been talking about convergence and converged security for three and a half years. In January of 2015, we introduced the evolution of PSIM, which came from the physical security side, into CSIM which is Converged Security and Information Management. It converges security including cyber, IT, logical, and physical combined into an end-to-end, front-door to back-door coverage.”

For Vidsys, the increasingly popular label of PSIM fails to capture the full scope of their integration platform. They designed their system to facilitate cloud-based solutions and the convergence of a common operating picture linking security systems, building management systems, and IT network management tools. As a core Asset and Information Management tool, the Vidsys platform also facilitates transformational interoperability among multiple independent organizations that require close coordination for incident management related to critical infrastructure.

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