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IFSEC Highlights Vidsys Presentation – Smart Transportation

Below is an excerpt from a post on IFSEC Global’s website about Vidsys’ presentation on Smart Transportation.

Transport safety: the power of social media and video analytics

Social media data could play a critical role in keeping transport networks safe, an audience has been told at IFSEC 2018.

A demonstration of new technology from Vidsys and Micro Focus showed how traditional data sources such as cameras can combine powerfully with Big Data – particularly from social media – to provide more timely and accurate information to security operators.

Dave Humphreys, CTO IDOL, Micro Focus, explained that the business wants to “own the hidden 80%”.

“Look at social media; someone might tweet you an image of a traffic incident,” he said. “How do you get that, analyze it and extract the value you need to take action?

“We also bring in police reports, alerts, emails and other documentation that could be related to the vehicle.”

Advanced video analytics also plays a major role in the system, said Humphreys.

“Our video analytics can tell an operator not only that an accident has happened, but what vehicles are involved, what the closest assets are.”

Joining Humphreys was Kris Heath, Global Solutions Architect (Product Management) at Vidsys, outlined how this data can make a real impact on the front line.

“If there had been a road traffic accident ordinarily we would need to wait for someone reporting it or spotting it on CCTV,” he said. “That creates a delay which could be deadly.”

“We can bring in information from different departments direct to the operator, so he or she can make a better-informed decision. He might even know who the driver might be and that could influence how he coordinates his response.”

“The data is driving an informed decision.”

The data can also enable operators to spot potential incidents which might otherwise seem innocuous, added Humphreys.

“This is real AI coming into play,” he said. “You might see an incident that you don’t think is particularly important, but if the AI tells you it’s the fourth time it’s happened this week you’d make a different decision.”

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