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Vidsys CEO featured on NextGov: 4 Security Trends for the New Administration to Consider

Below is an excerpt from Vidsys CEO and Founder, James Chong’s guest article on NextGov.

There is much discussion around what our nation’s cybersecurity defenses need to look like in this age of state-sponsored hacking and cyber espionage that has become so pervasive. The new administration has to balance what’s practical with what’s effective, all in the face of global threats evolving every day. With that in mind, here are four security trends for the new administration to consider.

1. Importance of Converged Security

When one thinks of a national security threat, we often envision incidents that would cause physical harm: to individuals or to our critical infrastructure. However, it’s more important today than ever to quickly identify cyber threats and mitigate the risk, especially because hackers have the possibility of shutting down citywide access to resources such as electricity, water and many communication devices and networks, if not properly protected.

IT security, therefore, can become a physical security risk as it is heavily integrated into our day-to-day lives more than we may realize. That’s why it is essential for the new administration to invest in the best and brightest minds to support converged security initiatives, including both cyber and physical, and stay on the forefront of technological innovation. Employing theright technology, along with the right people and process will create a much stronger security posture, which will also positively impact the success of a country’s infrastructure and national security…

To read the full article on NextGov, click here.


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