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Vidsys CSIM Supports UAE Smart City Objectives through the Hassantuk Programme


Abu Dhabi, UAE –October 11, 2017 – Vidsys, a global provider of enterprise Converged Security and Information Management (CSIM) software, announced today that Injazat Data Systems will employ its CSIM platform as part of the UAE’s Hassantuk programme.

This Smart and Safe City programme aims to reduce the cost of inspecting buildings and provide central monitoring of fire and life safety events for over 150,000 buildings across the UAE. Legislation has been passed mandating all addressable buildings must connect to Hassantuk for monitoring equipment and provision of service.  Injazat Data Systems is the service provider under the Ministry of Interior (MOI) for the ten-year Hassantuk programme.

A centralized dashboard visualization layer will be provided by Vidsys CSIM, with a unified interface for operators on a 24×7 basis. The CSIM platform will provide filtering and correlation of all alarms and events based on location, type, and priority, and will present automated Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for the operator to follow dynamically, along with real-time reporting.

“This strategic country-wide initiative will decrease response time for incidents using direct e-notification and automatic location identification,” said Atif Al-Braiki, Director of Strategic Projects at Injazat Data Systems. “This intelligent solution will enhance the Civil Defense’s ability to monitor life and fire safety round-the-clock.”

“Vidsys is thrilled to be working with the UAE’s Ministry of Interior and our partner, Injazat Data Systems, to launch this programme,” said Vidsys CEO, James I. Chong. “Working with the UAE government on this and other fronts with key regional partners like Injazat Data Systems, we expect to see rapid adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives in the region including smart building, smart traffic, and other smart applications.”

Vidsys is continuously innovating and developing Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart City technologies, with the goal of leveraging big data to create smarter and safer communities.

About Vidsys

Headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, USA, Vidsys provides transformational Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) and Converged Security and Information Management (CSIM) software platform that has been adopted by some of the world’s leading brands and technology partners within key verticals, including Transportation, Energy, Utility, Healthcare, and Government. Vidsys software has obtained highest levels of information security and assurance from both top-tier global corporations and the US federal government.

Vidsys is hardware, protocol, and device agnostic, and offers bi-directional, browser-based platform with industry-specific features and functions that allows sensors, devices, systems, subsystems, and services to be interconnected via open architecture APIs and SDKs. The platform collects, correlates and converts vast amounts of data into meaningful and actionable information, based on the organization’s risk policy, standards and compliance requirements. By leveraging mobile and web-based technology, the software can be rapidly deployed and provides real-time situational awareness and information management capabilities. For more information, please visit


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