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Vidsys Featured on IoT Institute Online: Outsmarting Active Shooters with the IoT and Social Media

This is an excerpt of an article on IoT Institute online.

The need to detect the origin of gunfire has a long history although it has advanced considerably in the past two decades. It is now is used in tandem with IP video surveillance and social media monitoring.

According to Vidsys, a provider of converged security and information management software, it is possible to increase methods of situational awareness through enhanced video monitoring and social media data.

If there is a crowd of people or a given area deemed to have a high risk, security officials can set up a perimeter around it. The security system can alert law enforcement automatically if an unauthorized person enters that perimeter, which can dramatically accelerate their response time.

But it isn’t always feasible to set up boundaries around every at-risk area—nor is it possible to put a perimeter around all shootings before they happen. According to Vidsys, this is why more information is needed. Frequently before a violent act, there are clues or danger signs that can be detected via social media monitoring, or with other sensor data, such as crowd-density monitoring, that are indications of a potential situation. While social media monitoring can be used to identify threats, it can also be employed during a shooting to identify victims and people hiding from an active shooter. After the company Geofeedia emerged in 2012, a growing number of technologies have been developed to enable users to keep tabs on social media posts based on location….

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