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Micro Focus Guest Blog: Faster And Better Decisions With Real Threat Awareness


Vidsys is partnering with Micro Focus for our Intelligent GSOC at the ASIS 2017 Conference next week. As we count down to ASIS, we’re sharing this blog post from Joe Leung, Micro Focus Analytics Marketing Manager, about generating real-time, data-backed decisions in response to threats.

“If only I knew that” is probably one of the most dreaded phrases to be uttered. This is especially true in the world of security where the stakes could be unimaginably high. Decisions such as locking down a school campus, shutting down a major event, or closing an airport terminal are serious ones with significant consequences. These consequences vary as they depend upon how quickly such a decision is made, and how effective the decision is in mitigating the risk. The challenge is to get as much relevant information about the threat as quickly as possible. So how do we tackle this information trinity – comprehensiveness, relevancy, timing – in security decision making?

Comprehensiveness – Are we tapping into all the data sources available to us so a real understanding of the threat can be established? CCTV is a well-established source where a diversity (human, vehicle, scene) of images may be available for threat analysis. Are we taking full advantage of all these different types of images? What about audio sensors? Would the sounds of glass breaking, people screaming or gun shots indicate a higher level of threat? What about communications in public (protest organization in social media) or in private (threatening email messages)? Would these communications be another critical piece of the threat puzzle?

Relevancy – Find what truly matters from the noise in the face of massive volume of diverse data is daunting. While a truck parked illegally may just constitute a minor traffic infraction, if the license plate does not match the make and model of the truck, and the truck driver’s face matches a picture on a watch list, these three individual incidents collectively provides highly relevant information that may call for a security response, which could be very different from responses for the individual incidents.

Timing – In a world where every second counts, any delay may mean a rapid escalation of potential carnage and/or damage. While it is hard to argue against the need to get all the relevant data for an intelligent decision, the disparate data sources, the varying data formats and the tsunami-like data flow are overwhelming the traditional human operator centric surveillance systems. Not only does the system have to spot a real threat in real-time, it must be able to alert the appropriate parties so the responders don’t miss a beat in addressing the threat.

The partnership between Vidsys and Micro Focus (formerly Hewlett Packard Enterprise) is laser-focused on addressing ALL of the above in one joint solution so security operators don’t have to compromise on either speed or effectiveness of their actions. If you are attending ASIS 2017, please register here to attend a reservation-only briefing on the big data analytics powered Intelligent GSOC, and to meet in-person the architects behind the solution.

See the original post on the Micro Focus blog here, and if you’ll be at ASIS, make sure to sign up to come to one of our demos here.


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