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ASIS 2017: The Importance of Physical Security to Enterprises


With the start of the ASIS 2017 Conference, organizations from around the world will be turning to the top global security leaders to identify new ways to approach security within their business. While IT and cybersecurity threats are growing, it is important for companies to not neglect their physical security strategy.

Organizations with widely dispersed assets should be cognizant of the overall protection of confidential resources. Although many companies often focus on the technical and administrative elements of security, physical security is intended to protect the assets and facilities of an organization with the preeminent responsibility of safeguarding employees and facilities. Without protection from a physical security breach, all other security measures would be useless.

A couple of different factors can affect physical security, including unintentional natural disasters or intentional malicious groups. Natural disasters such as a flood or fire can destroy data or make it very difficult to recover, while malicious groups such as hackers, thieves or terrorists can lead to the misuse of highly classified information.

Attackers often have an easy opportunity to exploit data and gain unauthorized access to penetrate networks. To maintain strong physical security and help slow down criminals from bypassing layers of security, enterprises should consider:

  • Cameras
  • Access Control
  • Sensors
  • Building Management
  • Alarms
  • ID management
  • GIS Mapping
  • Perimeter security such as mantraps, fences, gates and turnstiles
  • Safe locks
  • Store backup devices in a secure place with authorized access only

As physical security becomes more challenging than ever with the increase in sensitive devices that make data much easier to steal, implementing a Converged Security and Information Management (CSIM) software platform can help organizations with a large physical footprint through geo-spatially aligning information and assets into a single user interface.

Vidsys software is programmed to identify and present potential situations for evaluation by the command center operator, and the organization’s approved con-ops are automatically provided on-screen to ensure compliance and swift resolution. So when a threat occurs, it can be resolved accurately, efficiently and consistently.

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