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Empowering Next Generation Smart Buildings With Data Correlation

Vidsys’ CEO James Chong contributed this piece on Source Security about the way that data correlation is empowering the Smart Cities movement, specifically when it comes to connected buildings. Vidsys technology is highly sophisticated and has the ability to not only collect data, but to also correlate it. This ability to pull in copious amounts of data and process it quickly is especially significant to smart buildings because the data then becomes actionable, empowering law enforcement, leaders and citizens alike to make smarter decisions in the case of an emergency.


Much like the term “Internet of Things” or “IoT” the concept of “Smart Buildings” brings to mind many different ideas — from programmable thermostats to touch-less faucets to other green-building initiatives, with a focus on environmentally-friendly an
d energy efficient designs.  While the early days of smart buildings were primarily focused on energy efficiencies, the market for smart buildings has expanded exponentially to greater benefits including life safety, security, and intelligence.  When you factor in that Cisco and other industry leading companies predict that the number of devices connected to the internet will sky rocket to as high as 50 billion objects by 2020, the reach of connected devices is staggering; and the ability to gather information from a multitude of sources suddenly opens up tremendous opportunities.

As “smart” becomes the norm, here are the top three trends that I see taking place…
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