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Officer.Com Featured Vidsys’ Smart City Solution & Partnership with Current CityIQ

 Vidsys’ Smart City Solution – Partnership with Current CityIQ

Vidsys partnered with Current, powered by GE, to offer a smart city IoT sensor network that provides actionable intelligence for urban environments.

Powered by Predix™, GE’s platform for the Industrial Internet, Current’s CityIQ intelligent nodes are placed on street light poles where they will collect and analyze vast amounts of real-time data that is made actionable via APIs to the Vidsys platform. Sensor data from CityIQ will be integrated into the Vidsys platform and displayed through a unified dashboard with an easy-to-use interface. Through a custom API-enabled platform, Vidsys software provides integration with security sensors, IoT devices and supports the actionable intelligence and data correlation that powers the solution.  It also supports third party systems such as building management, traffic management systems and other sensors and applications.

An important benefit of Smart City solutions is increased safety. The pedestrian, traffic, and parking planning metadata exposed by Current’s smart city sensor networks enables improved situational awareness for Vidsys’ CSIM solutions. This means that creating a risk management and public safety platform is essential to building a smart infrastructure from the ground up.

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