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Super Bowl LIVE: Temporary Event Deployment Webinar

Super Bowl LIVE spanned 10 days, covered 17 acres, and brought in massive crowds. An event like this creates logistical, safety, and traffic challenges on an enormous scale. In order for the end user to successfully manage a special event of this size it requires effective partnerships between multiple security solutions and companies. With the help of the Vidsys CSIM platform, Axis network cameras, and others, the City of Houston successfully managed this event.

In this special webinar you will hear directly from the end user, Jack Hanagriff, Law Enforcement Liaison for the City of Houston. It is hosted by Roberto Mandanas of Vidsys, an Axis Application Development Partner, and Avi Miller, Customer Reference Coordinator at Axis.

Jack details the scope of the entire solution and how all players worked together. The webinar wraps up with an interview session focused on Jack’s experience as an end user, lessons learned, and biggest hurdles.

Check out this special opportunity to hear about the success of such a large scale collaboration!

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