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Vidsys featured on IoT Institute: How Data Filtering Can (Help) Prevent Terrorist Attacks

Vidsys featured on IoT Institute: How Data Filtering Can (Help) Prevent Terrorist Attacks

IoT Institute interviewed Vidsys Founder & CEO James Chong about the importance of data filtering when analyzing video footage to better mitigate risk. Here is an excerpt.

Video surveillance can be a useful tool, but its efficacy can be greatly magnified using data filtering technology.

“The people who are monitoring video surveillance are already dealing with data overload. Just because you can generate more data doesn’t actually give you a solution,” says James Chong, founder and CEO of Vidsys. A real solution requires the right blend of people, process, and technology, Chong says. His company is helping monitor the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Algorithms, however, excel at collecting and analyzing big data sets based on user-programmable rules. In Vidsys’ case, the company analyzes video data based on time, location, duration, frequency, and type. Its software can also weave in relevant data from other sources, including radar, building management, social media, and so forth…

The value of an IoT platform is the ability to convert meaningless data into meaningful and actionable information. “Ultimately, it is all about data correlation and data filtering that makes for the real value,” Chong explains. What we have been doing is to help to filter data and to manage and to correlate it in real time. That is what people need to make a decision and take action.”

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