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Vidsys in Government Computer News: Smarter Camera Systems for Better Surveillance

Below is an excerpt from an article that includes Vidsys in Government Computer News (GCN).

Today, more than 900 cameras are deployed, and the city contracted with Vidsys to provide the middleware to integrate the cameras with other networks, such as those associated with stadiums, water treatment plants and other potential terrorist targets. Departments such as emergency management agencies, some public works entities and the Parks and Recreation Department can now share video data.

“We have a philosophy: The more eyes on the system, the better. So we try to get people [involved] who could have a vested interest,” Hanagriff said.

After hosting two major sporting events — the Super Bowl in February and the 2016 NCAA Division I Men’s Final Four basketball tournament — city officials decided they needed a secondary monitoring system in place for some of these venues, Hanagriff said. As a result, Houston expanded its partnership with Vidsys and started working with other companies such as Verizon and Access Communications, which donated $80,000 worth of cameras to the city for use during the Super Bowl. Now officials are deploying those cameras in areas that lacked coverage.

“We’re creating a technology sandbox, which I call a playground because everybody gets to play on it,” Hanagriff said. ““Public safety officials get exposed to new technology without disrupting our existing network. Industry partners get access to subject-matter experts, and they get to demonstrate their technology to other stakeholders and private business partners.”

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