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The Next Evolution of PSIM for Smart Cities

Below is an article by our CEO James Chong that was featured in Security Dealer & Integrator. Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) has become an essential security solution for many public and private sector organizations worldwide. As IBM and others have predicted, 25 to 50 billion objects are expected to be connected to the cloud by 2020, underscoring the importance

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Media Coverage

3 IoT integrations needed for the future of smart cities

This is an excerpt from an article written by Vidsys Founder & CEO James Chong which was featured on IT Pro Portal. While the reach of the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to expand daily and globally, few organisations realise the groundbreaking impact this approach can have for enterprise security and public safety. Conversely, while IoT is still considered an

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Vidsys featured on ASMag Global: Smart city is not about the data

This is an excerpt of ASMag Global’s coverage of our latest webinar, “Smart Decisions, Smarter Cities”.  With large numbers of connected devices coming together, smart cities will generate massive amounts of data, but it’s not the data itself that matters as much as the meaningful usage of it, according to James Chong, CEO and Founder of Vidsys. Speaking at a

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Smart Decisions, Smarter Cities – How Data Correlation Will Enable Cities of the Future

Data and increased connectivity will enable cities to transform the way we will live, work, and interact with one another. The challenge for cities is to not just gather the data, but to make better use of the data to make more informed decisions, creating actionable intelligence. Smart Cities will need to combine and correlate multiple data streams to provide a more holistic evaluation of the city’s environment.

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Empowering Next Generation Smart Buildings With Data Correlation

Vidsys’ CEO James Chong contributed this piece on Source Security about the way that data correlation is empowering the Smart Cities movement, specifically when it comes to connected buildings. Vidsys technology is highly sophisticated and has the ability to not only collect data, but to also correlate it. This ability to pull in copious amounts of data and process it

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